In early 2019, a friend introduced my husband and I to shipping container farming. He ignited a spark in me that smoldered for a year. I decided to lean into it. It felt right. I found myself committing in every way. I am so grateful for all the positive encouragement I’ve received until now. Nothing has felt more right. I feel every step has been guided by a positive outside force. As “woo woo” as that sounds, I appreciate the feeling.

In January of 2021 we had our first harvest. With the support of my family and friends, I’m finally lighting the flame. I believe we all play a role in protecting our planet and supporting our community. I look forward to sharing, helping, and feeding others.

In 2021 we added bee hives to our property. It is a shared venture with our friends who have more experience with bees. It has been a tough go of it but we finally had a great harvest in late summer of 2023.

In spring of 2022 and 2023 we tapped our maple trees. All this natural sweetness flowing is delightful. I have a real sweet tooth.

The laying chickens came in 2022 also. We have learned lots about these our new friends. They have been such a gift. Such a loyal bunch of ladies. Always eager to see us. They love all the left overs and discards from harvest day. Nothing is wasted.

This life is not everyone's dream but I do feel blessed to be getting to do all this at this time in my life.